• Subcontractors average a 12.25%
    increase in take home income. ItⳠ
    not how much you make, itⳠmore
    important how much you keep!
  • Maximize corporate tax savings
  • Minimize personal tax bills
  • We focus on what we do best so
    you can focus on what you do best.
  • Comply with Canada Revenue Agency
  • Comply with Workers⠃ompensation Board Requirements
  • Personal and Corporate taxes filed
    on time
  • Incorporate your Business
  • No more uncertain decisions. Emer-
    ald Members get tax consultation &
    general business advice.
  • We do all of your CompanyⳠbook-
  • Not only do we help you build a
    budget, our financial experts will
    help you with your financial ques-
    tions. We want to help you achieve
    all your financial goals.
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